Reproducible and consistent generation of vapor

Like many vapor researchers, we identified a need for a machine to generate vapor, reproducibly and consistently, for further analysis. Our machine is similar to commercial smoking machines produced by Cerulean and Borgwaldt, but designed specifically for use with vapor products.


Test any vapor product

If it produces smoke or vapor, we can test it. Our machine's capabilities include small puff-activated vape pens, high-power box mods, tobacco cigarettes, and even combustible forms of cannabis.  


Capture and analyze gas and particle phases

Our machine meets ISO standards. Independent researchers have verified production and capture of smoke under ISO and Health Canada Intensive methods using reference cigarettes.

Not for big tobacco

Built by researchers, for researchers, our vaping machine doesn't carry the same price tag of the only other commercial offerings. We can't afford those machines either - and we don't support the people behind them. At Gram, we believe any modest lab should have the proper tools accessible for facilitating vapor research - and the opportunity to better inform public health and regulatory agencies.


Take a deep breath

It sounds simple, yet this can be a complex action to reproduce consistently.

We've built a custom syringe pump that outperforms commercially available options. Independent researchers found our pump delivered a more consistent "square puff topographic profile" immediately apparent to the naked eye, and validated by digital mass flow sensors.





Plug and play

Our vaping machines connects to any Windows x64 PC with a simple USB cable. The easy-to-read graphical user interface allows you to set custom puff profiles or restore your saved parameters. After running your experiment, download all the details  - with microsecond precision - in a .csv file.



Modular design

Capture gas phase or particle phase - or both at the same time - using filter pads and gas dispersion tubes.

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Research is messy. Gram can help.

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