Count and track real-world vaporizer use

Our flagship product Gram is a handheld smart vaporizer that counts and tracks vapor consumption data in real time.

Gram handheld smart vaporizer vape pen.jpg

Data is transmitted wirelessly to our mobile app, empowering users and researchers to monitor and review how much vapor is being consumed. Available today for iOS & Android.

Gram is compatible with any atomizer cartridge. Accurate consumption metrics can be calibrated for any liquid and any cartridge using our backend laboratory data analytics engine.


Controlled Delivery

Variables like voltage, coil resistance, and liquid properties often change while vaporizers are being used. These dynamics are usually uncontrolled and unaccounted for.

Our automated vaping machine controls these variables to accurately characterize device performance in a wide variety of conditions. Our app communicates sensor readings with our backend analytics to calculate and report vapor delivery in milligrams


Valid, Useful Data

The information collected by our app in real time can be ported for big data analyses. Researchers - and individuals - can review how much is vaporized, along with when and where it is consumed. Our data is secure and easy-to-process thanks to collaborations with researchers worldwide.



Your favorite recipe starts with quality ingredients and so does our vaporizer. We work with some of the finest machinists in the world with decades of experience crafting safe and sophisticated vaporizer batteries and cartridges. All of our hardware is proudly made in California.



We're not another factory in China. We're here to support you when it counts - and to ensure your study goes as smoothly as possible.


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