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Academic Research

Some of the world's leading nicotine and vapor researchers are using our technology.

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UCSF General Hospital
vaping machine and analytical chemistry

We began our involvement with academic research with the realization that our vaping machine - originally used as a tool to develop our own handheld vaporizer - could outperform the makeshift solution researchers had built in their lab. With a simple, reliable solution for producing and capturing vapor analytes, researchers could return their focus to analytical chemistry. 


UCSF Medical Center
vaping machine and cell exposure

Deep in the maze of the Health Sciences East campus, UCSF researchers are using our vaping machine to examine the effects of vapor exposure on various cell cultures, live rodents, and perhaps even rejected transplant tissue in a custom exposure chamber. Our product provides a standardized and precise delivery method for these studies.


University of Otago, NZ
handheld device for clinical study

Aspire 2025 is a global smoke-free initiative. They are using our handheld devices to measure vaporized nicotine delivery to patients & its effects on user behavior with an aim for healthier living. This background paper has been prepared for the New Zealand National Smokefree Working Group to consider the role that e-cigarettes could play in reducing smoking prevalence and helping achieve Smokefree 2025. Gram Research worked with Co-Director Janet Hoek to provide the tobacco vaporizer hardware.