December, 2016

An Electronic Cigarette Vaping Machine for the Characterization of Aerosol Delivery and Composition. 

Christopher M. Havel, Neal L. Benowitz, Peyton Jacob III, Gideon St. Helen

Corresponding Author: Gideon St.Helen, PhD, Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, University of California, Box 1220, San Francisco, CA 94143-1220, USA. Telephone: 415-206-2687; E-mail:

When we first contacted researchers at UCSF, we found that they had already created their own make-shift solution for producing vapor for research studies. 

We visited the lab and listened closely to the researcher's problems, needs, and observations while refining our vaping machine. Unfortunately, the paper on the old solution was already written, but we did have some valuable data to add.

Independent researcher analysis demonstrated that Gram (formerly Quantified Vapor) was able to produce a superior square puff profile, and timing of all operations were automated and precise - down to the micro-second. The Gram vaping machine went on to be validated for use with tobacco cigarettes, and today, is used in place of the published solution for generating smoke and vapor.


More coming soon!